Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FUN GIVEAWAY! Artist's Loft Colored Pencil Blender

The first eligible person to post the correct answer to the Trivia Question in the comment section of this blog entry (not on facebook) will win, the hard to find, Artist's Loft Colored Pencil Blender.

Q: In the April 2012 Issue of COLORED PENCIL Magazine, what is the one thing that featured artist Barbara Edidin says she would like to communicate through her work?


Tip: Have your COLORED PENCIL Magazines close by, trivia questions are typically taken the previous months issue. 


  1. find something that moves them, something beyond the surface, something of herself

  2. HINT: It's in the first sentence on her page.

  3. Lynn Frenette, you are correct! Please send your shipping address to admin@colordpencilmag.com

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