Wednesday, August 26, 2015

FUN COLLAB PROJECT #2 "Playing Cards"

COLORED PENCIL Magazine Collab Project #2
"Playing Cards"

We only have room for 18 artists to work together to create a beautiful floral image.
Reserve your spot • Create your Art • Get a Print of finished piece

Participation Fee

Includes image files & finished print


Start Date: 10/1
Submission Date: 11/10

Each artist will receive an invitation to share a folder that will contain a high resolution photo of the entire picture and their own exclusive piece. These pieces were cut with a dimension of 3.5x2.5" - perfect for an ATC card but you can any size as long as the ratio is the same (example: 7x5", 10.5x 7.5").

You get 1 month to create and submit your part in colored pencil. Then scan or take a high resolution image of your finished work then just upload it into your shared folder for us to collect.

Once we have all the pieces we will assemble them to create a work of art. Each participating artist will receive a 12x18" UV protected print on thick 80# paper with a link to purchase more.

No, we will pick a photo piece at random for you - this is part of the fun and it keeps it fair.

First of all we want to make sure only serious artists participate, the group is counting on you. Second, this will cover the price of your print and shipping costs related.

Obviously, we don't want you to get involved unless you can finish, it is only a small piece but if circumstances beyond your control come up we ask that you contact us as soon as you know so we can find a replacement. We will have an artist on stand-by to complete any last minute bail-outs.

Yes! Anyone in the whole world can collaborate, and that is what makes this so much fun.
Additional International Shipping Rates MAY apply.

The photograph, Playing Cards is copyright released by the photographer Sally Robertson and may be used without permission for creating reproduction artwork. By submitting artwork for use in this collaborative project, the artist warrants that they assigns exclusive rights to the publisher for reproduction in COLORED PENCIL Magazine, related publications, and for possible use in marketing material and sales associated with this project at the publisher’s discretion. Other than the assignment of the necessary rights to print collaborative artwork the Publisher does not acquire, any other rights on individual artwork created by the artist. Posters are ordered and shipped by We assume no responsibility for the printing quality and/or any lost or damaged items, replacement posters will be at your expense.

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