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Q: When it comes to art, have you ever had a "happy accident"?
If so tell us about it!

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  1. "Happy Accident" is about not being afraid of experimentation. If we always do what we've been doing, we would always get what we always got. Consequently, we stay on a plateau, no further improvement. I always try to go a bit further and try something different from time to time. For the most part, I'm uncertain of what the color combination or composition would turn out but I always improvise and keep adjusting so that the final result is satisfactory. If the "accident" is "happy" then I would apply it as a new found technique. :)

  2. I was doing a woodcarving of a fox and decided to 'twist' it's tail. I had no idea what this might do, but I was just experimenting. This was a happy accident as it made the foxes tail look like it was blowing in the wind! It looked great. Experimenting is how we learn! I will definitely do this again when I want the wind blown effect.

  3. FB Name: Donni Smith

    It was turning out to be a really bad day. As a student whose goal was to make as many A's as possible, I was beating myself up pretty hard on two marketing test scores; a 75 in International Marketing and an 82 in Marketing Promotion. Being so busy with school, it left very little time to draw.
    I was cracking under the pressure.
    One day, I decided that enough was enough; everything is going to be pushed aside and I'm going to have "me" time. Time to pull out that work in progress, sharpen those colored pencils and get to work.
    I was in the process of coloring hair, but some make that dreadful mistake of picking up the wrong pencil. No problem, just put the pencil down and grab the right one.
    Not this time. The colored pencil was etching its way on my paper. And after five minutes of blending as much as you can with Crayola colored pencils, the mistake was noticeable, and the pencil dropped.
    Begin panic mode.
    "Crap, not a tan; I needed a golden yellow! I can't believe I didn't notice that! You can't do that with Crayola; the colored pencils' tips are too hard for that! You can't be serious, I'm literally gonna have to star--"
    "-- oh!"
    What I couldn't achieve before was a bit more depth in her hair; the shade was more noticeable, and no editing on a digital program was necessary.
    This was, quite frankly, the highlight of a cruddy day.

  4. Most of my CP paintings are happy accidents but the last is the best, so far. I began with a small sketch of a pink, shaded flower and a few leaves. When the painting sprang to life, it was clinically deceased! It had no life. SO, I left the pencils to guide me and the flower grew, the leaves multiplied and I enjoyed being in the "zone" each time I worked on this piece. I brought it today to my CP group and much to my surprise, was met by a group of very interested CP artists who complimented me on this piece. I enjoyed doing it and think Happy Accidents are a good part of growing as a CP artist!

  5. I think every one of my works contains a "happy accident" be it a stray mark that had to be incorporated into the piece or a color choice that had to be corrected.

  6. I did a black dog in the snow, and putting down the prussian blue/burnt umber I use for black took all the tooth from the paper, so he looked like a big black blot with eyes! Just about threw it out, but I tried workable fixative and layered lighter colours on top, he is now my all time favourite!

  7. I haven't had enough experience to know how to correct a real accident, but I am encouraged when I read how others have coped.

  8. I think I speak for the majority of artists when I say I dread making mistakes. As much as I think about it, no "happy accidents" come to mind... though every painting I've ever made was fraught with great peril at every stroke.

  9. I was working on Uart, as usual, and wanted to try a new color for an underpainting. I used a bright orange alcohol, pastel underpainting. I usually use a darker one. The painting was a portrait of two dogs belonging to a friend. What a mess I had. But I seldom just chuck a piece until I've had a good run at it. Never give up. The dogs were mostly white. The finished piece was amazing. It was the hardest piece I had done up to that point. What I truly thought of as a serious breach of good judgement turned out to be so very nice. I had to spend more time with this one than I intended to but it was worth it. Would I do it again on purpose, probably not. But I'll never forget it.

  10. I was working to create the texture of a leather coat with no clue as to what colors to use. After feeling frustrated, I decided to use all ten colors at once and build them up in random layers. A little turpentine after revealed a shiny leather-like surface. It was brilliant with a side of relief!

  11. All my pieces have happy accidents & I just keep going.Color pencil is easy to correct when working in layers. I put so much time into a piece an accident has to be fixed as I don't have the patience to start over.

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