Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May CPM Art Challenge - #1305 "Rusty Blue"

- # 1305 "Rusty Blue"

DEADLINE: June 10, 2013

Photo by Julie Thurston -
Copyright released!


48 Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencils ($88)
45 Rembrandt Pastel Set in a Keepsake Box ($100)

Student/Beginner Prize
48 Set of Bruynzeel Design Colored Pencils ($88)
Mi-Tientes Touch Sanded Pastel Paper (value $40)

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PRO/ADVANCED WINNER - Tatiana Buzikova

Why it won:
When choosing this photo we really wanted to do a different perspective on an old car, one that didn't show the headlights or the front of the car in any way. I was afraid we were going to push our artists too far but were thrilled at the high caliber of the entries making it really difficult to choose a winner, arguably our most difficult to date. Tatiana, we studied this piece for a long time and couldn't help but notice all the hard work you put into every single detail and color choice. Your crisp work but makes this piece jump out and puts the viewer into the scene. One of my favorite areas was actually on the upper chrome around the doors, the rust is impeccable, as is the amazing detail inside the car - especially the dashboard. Our critique would be the grass and tree area. Although you rendered this well, it was a surprisingly weak area for most who took this challenge and it just couldn't compete with the quality of work that was done on the car itself. I'm not sure if it is because it is too exhausting after all the detail of the car, or it was difficult to make out the details from the photo we provided but it still works well and adds to the effect of the image overall. This has everything that we are looking for in a solid colored pencil piece and we are thrilled that you are our pro winner!


Why it won: 
Wow, this is fantastic for a student/beginner entry! I can only imagine how many hours it took you to do this piece with all the detail so I am going to acknowledge that first - we loved the rust on the roof and hood and the reflections on the window and even on the chromed-back rear-view mirror had the reflections of the trees! We absolutely loved the bright complimentary colors of blue and orange. You made us notice things that we hadn't even in the photo, such as the bright splash of blue around the small windows. Our main critique would be; some of the pencil marks of light blue, could be smoother and less sketchy to really take this to the next level. Although we love a good compositional crop, we are really impressed that you took on this whole image and really showed us what you could do!


Amanda Marks


Claire Lin

Dominika Kowalczyk

Jan Shilling 

Jan Shilling

Janna Voss

John Middick

Mark Fraser

Ronda Margolese

Svenja Liv

Trisha Hanley




 Angelina Duggan

 Anna Popova

Debbie Spafford

 Fae Thomas

Fae Thomas

Jack Waite

 James Stewart

 Janet Ellington Horton

 Linda Crone

 Lisa Sokolowski

 Lori Harding

 Maria Mercedes

 Mario De Zutter

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 Mary Jane

 Sonia Byers

Tonya Ohrel

Other Entries


Elanor Munitolo