Thursday, July 11, 2013

June CPM Art Challenge - #1306 "Sea Shells"

JUNE ART CHALLENGE - # 1306 "Sea Shells"

DEADLINE: July 10, 2013

Photo by Sally Ford
Copyright released!



• Pro/Advanced:
24 Cretacolor Karmina Colored Pencil Tin
Global Art Black Leather Pencil Case fits 48

• Student/Beginner:
24 Cretacolor Karmina Colored Pencil Tin
Global Art Materials Canvas Pencil Case fits 48

All artwork is owned by the submitting artist and no copyright will be transferred to Colored Pencil Magazine or Platte Productions Publishing but by submitting, uploading, or sharing your artwork to our Flickr account, you are giving Colored Pencil Magazine and Platte Productions Publishing, permission to print and /or display your work in print and/or online.  

PRO/ADVANCED WINNER - Dominika Kowalczyk


Why it won:

I think this is my personal favorite entry of all the CPM Art Challenges ... I am pretty obsessed with it. When we were looking at this, one thing came to us the minute we saw it – it was better than the photo – it took all the things that were great about the reference and just enhanced it. The crispness, insane detail, and colors are excellent – it has a colorful tone with keeping it believable in nature. The creative crop was also impressive and I could imagine you taking this same reference and doing a companion piece. Honored to have you enter and hopes that this will inspire others! Look forward to seeing more from you.

Why it won:

When looking at this piece it makes the viewer want to pick each shell up, right off the paper! This just looks like it was a blast to do and we love that you were unafraid of the color use. The details in each shell keeps the eyes roaming from one part of the artwork to another. I think the only critic would be the brown shell fell a little flat. We liked your sand technique and know that this was one of those areas that were unexpectedly difficult for many. After reading about your difficult start, and then not being sure if you were going to finish on time, I think that those few areas that could be improved were due to those struggles, but boy are we glad that you pushed through!

Claire Lin

Deborah Martin

Dre Bravo

Jan Shilling

Janna Voss

Karen Anne Brady

Karen Anne Brady

Kelly Laher

Ronda Margolese


Andrea Snuggs

Anna Popova

Carre Nadia

Erin McKnown

Faw Thomas

Fae Thomas

Gail Seufferlein

Gale Shuba


James Stewart

Jessie Hummel

Lia Sierra

Lisa Gibson

Lisa Sokolowski

Lisa Sokolowski

Loredana Zaccaro

Loredana Zaccaro

Mario De Zutter

Mary-Anne Harding

Micki Miminutolo

Mitsuyoshi Yabe

Nikki Ferguson

Oana Banu

Rita Galdikaite

Ritu Bajaj

Vickie Wong

Zakkiya Hamza


Sally Ford


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  1. I have been waiting for a new challenge and I think, I will swap the car. I am on holidays and haven't got the right material with me - nor enough time. The sea shells look very interesting. I like the colours