Tuesday, June 25, 2013

July CPM Art Challenge - #1307 "Lilac Roller"

- # 1307 "Lilac Roller"

DEADLINE: August 10, 2013

Photo by John Williams
Copyright released!



• Pro/Advanced:

18x24 400 Series Toned Gray Sketch Paper Pad
9x12 400 Series Toned Tan Sketch Paper Pad
5.5x8.5 Hardbound Art Journals - 400 Series Toned Sketch Tan
8.5x11 Hardbound Art Journals - 400 Series Toned Sketch Gray
8.5x11 Hardbound Art Journals - 400 Series Recycled Drawing
22x30 500 Series Mixed Media Board 
9x12 400 Series Dry Media 

• Student/Beginner:

18x24 400 Series Toned Gray Sketch Paper Pad
9x12 400 Series Toned Tan Sketch Paper Pad
9x12 400 Series Drawing
8.5x11 Hardbound Art Journal - 400 Series Recycled Drawing
9x12 Skills Series Mixed Media


All artwork is owned by the submitting artist and no copyright will be transferred to Colored Pencil Magazine or Platte Productions Publishing but by submitting, uploading, or sharing your artwork to our Flickr account, you are giving Colored Pencil Magazine and Platte Productions Publishing, permission to print and /or display your work in print and/or online. 

PRO/ADVANCED WINNER - Dominika Kowalczyk

Why it won:

It may seem at first that we selected this as the winner based on the additional bird and although we love, love that second lilac roller, it is really your skills that once again that carried this to the top. We held it against our favorites and determined this the winner even without that extra effort but with it – it just blew us away! You were able to successful capture all the nuances to this image, including the features, eyes, branch, and leaves. Critique would be primarily the crop. We would have liked to have seen a little more room at the bottom of the artwork and right side, as it might be a problem when framing and could be improved compositionally, secondly perhaps more sky color. A pleasure to have you enter this!


Why it won:

This guy’s got personality! We love the close up and the daring crop. The feathers look soft and fluffy and you feel like you could hold your finger out and have this lilac roller perch on it! The details in the leaves are really incredible and the addition of the berry’s are a excellent yet not over-stated. Great job on the wood as well. The blend of colors on the birds chest especially is beautiful and really adds depth to the feathers! Our critique would be to have added some color to the background, this might have helped the bird pop a little, especially as it is light in color towards the top of it’s head. We hope to see more from you!


Antonio Sanchez

Claire Lin

Corina Gomez

Corinne Vuillemin

Debi Day

 Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin

Debra Williams

Dino Tomic

Dre Bravo

 Iwona Markiewicz

 Jan Shilling

 Janna Voss

 Jonavon Herr

 Jonavon Herr

Jonavon Herr

 Karen Anne Brady

Karen Anne Brady

Karen Anne Brady
 Karin Russer

 Katy Lamatsch

Kelsi Kubo

Lisa Watkins

Lorraine Evans

Mark Bensley

Marti Hubbell

 Pamela Belana

 Ronda Margolese

S.Fahd Bukhari

 Svenja Liv

Tatiana Buzikova

 Ted Stanley

Tess Lee

 Trisha Hanley

 Veronica Winters

 Yogita Butala

 Zuzzana Spendelova


 Agung Pamungkas

Amanda Johnson

 Antonietta Piredda

 Boyd Peeples

 Boyd Peeples

 Cheryl Ann

 Cindi Norton Williams

Cindi Norton Williams

Donna Waite

Eleanor Minutolo

 Eleanor Strickland

Enid Stephens

Erik Schanaaema

 F Thomas Siskron III

 Fae Thomas

 Francie Cooper

 Gail Seufferlein

 Giselle Vorpahl

 Jack Arndt

James Stewart

 Janet Ellington Horton

 Jessie Hummel

Jessie Hummel

 John Williams

 Josephine Ball

 Karen Lin

Kim Sturgis

Linda Crone

Linda Crone

 Lisa Sokolowski

Loredana Zaccaro

 Lynette Boland


 Maliha Abba

 Margo Mundo

 Martha Hopkins

 Mary-Anne Harding

 Mary Jane

Nancy Lawhorn

Nancy Lawhorn


 Oana Banu

 Oana Banu

Paddi Broad

 Patty Zorman

Patty Zorman 

 Pauline Govaert

 Pubali Dutta

 Rita Morgan

Ritu Bajaj

 Saulius Gudelevicius

 Shari Dunn

 Sharlene McNeil

 Sharon Kow

 Sierra Moreno

 Simona Gujberova

 Tameisha Harrington

 Tonya Ohrel

 Ty Lai

 Valerie Thomas Shaffer

 Victoria Yelseyeva

WithDRAWl Symptoms



  1. Hi... Can I use watercolor pencils? ... Thanks

  2. Short Answer: Yes.

    You can take a look at the details of what is accepted for the 80% requirement . . .

    Long Answer:
    What is the definition of a colored pencil?
    To maintain continuity throughout the colored pencil community, we looked to the CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America), to define what qualifies a medium as colored pencil.

    Dry drawing materials are made of coloring agents or pigments combined with a binder of some kind and come in a wide range of forms. It is helpful to view these materials as part of a broad spectrum of drawing media. The colored pencil medium is situated near the middle of a continuum that stretches from soft pastel on one end to oil pastels and oil bars on the other end. With the proliferation of new dry media, however, it has become much more challenging to define what is, in fact, colored pencil media.

    1. Must come in a solid dry form.
    That includes regular colored pencils, water-soluble colored pencils, and pencils where the pigment is encased in wood as well as art sticks which are solid pigment. We do not restrict how the pencils are applied and permit the use of water and other solvents.

    2. Cannot be brushed off.
    This refers specifically to colored pencil media applied on regular paper surfaces. It does NOT refer to brushing off loose ‘crumbs’ of colored pencil but instead refers to brushing off dry pigment as is possible with soft pastels. This does NOT refer to the ability of colored pencil media to be brushed off of sanded papers and other similar surfaces.

    3. Must dry completely.

    Due to the nature of the materials from which they are composed, oil based colored pencils dry completely while oil pastels and oil bars do not.

    The appearance of the material is not the basis upon which the determination of approval is based. Some colored pencil media have wood coverings while others do not. Rather, the material must be placed within the continuum of dry drawing materials and then determine whether the above three requirements are met. Visit www.cpsa.org for more information.

    Pastel Pencils and Crayons are NOT considered Colored Pencils according these definitions and would be ineligible for our contests and competitions.