Thursday, August 1, 2013

August CPM Art Challenge - #1308 "White Wolves"

August ART CHALLENGE - # 1308 "White Wolves"

DEADLINE: September 10, 2013
Photo by John Knight

Copyright released!

  • 2 sets of 24-piece Ergosoft colored pencils. Each one packaged in a plastic easel box
  • 19-piece Lumograph sketch pencils. 16 degrees packaged in a metal tin
  • 9-piece Drawing companion set. Includes: sandpaper pointer, kneadable eraser, erasing shield, 3 paper stumps, 2 tortillions, 3 x 3 chamois
  • 2 Art gum erasers
  • 2 Kneadable erasers
  • 1 tub style metal sharpener
  • 1 dusting brush, 10"
  • 1 sets of 24-piece Ergosoft colored pencils. Packaged in a plastic easel box
  • 8-piece Lumograph sketch set. Includes: 4 pencils in assorted degrees, white chalk stick, mars plastic eraser, metal sharpener, 6 x 9 sketch pad.
  • 9-piece Drawing companion set. Includes: sandpaper pointer, kneadable eraser, erasing shield, 3 paper stumps, 2 tortillions, 3 x 3 chamois
  • 2 Art gum erasers
  • 2 Kneadable erasers
  • 1 dusting brush, 10"

All artwork is owned by the submitting artist and no copyright will be transferred to Colored Pencil Magazine or Platte Productions Publishing but by submitting, uploading, or sharing your artwork to our Flickr account, you are giving Colored Pencil Magazine and Platte Productions Publishing, permission to print and /or display your work in print and/or online. 

PRO/ADVANCED WINNER -Corinne Vuillemin

Why it won:

We are excited to see you participate in the CPM Challenges each month and was thrilled that you excelled this time around to garner a win! One of the best things about this artwork is the marbled rock. It's always interesting when something like this steals a little bit of the show but it's just great! The proportions of the wolves were perfect and the greenery of the background added an element of difficulty and completeness to the artwork. One critique is  - perhaps some added depth to the fur and we would have liked to see a little bit more room around the entire boarder, especially in front of the standing wolf would have been nice. Great job and congratulations on this win!


Why it won:

Creating a predominantly white, main subject when working with colored pencils is always a challenge.
We loved the warm tones that you pulled into this piece, not only in the creamy fur but also in the reds of the background.  You were able to get a beautiful crisp outline pulling out each piece of fur and whisker. We also loved your composition and thought the extended space in front of the standing wolf allowed some breathing room for the viewer. Other points of interest included, those amazing eyes on the on-looking wolf, as well as the tufts inside ears, and details under the belly. Critique would be - a little more definition between the wolves and to continue to grow in your fur techniques to include a little more depth. Wonderful beginner/student entry, I look forward to seeing you become a pro artist in no time!


 Claire Lin

Heather Elmore

Iwona Markiewicz

 Jane Alison

 Janna Voss

 Jeannette Sirois

 Jim Martinez

 Karen Anne Brady

 Karen Phillips

 Karen Phillips

Karin Russer

 Laura Airey Le

 Lisa Ann Watkins

 Lisa Ann Watkins

 Nanci Harlin

 Pamela Belala

 Tatiana Buzikova

Zuzana Spendelova


Abigail Balza

 Abigail Jones

 Agung Pamungkas

 Annie Monnier

 Bertha Moore

 Cat Farrell

 Cheryl Buckaman

 Christy Lovelady

 Fae Thomas

 Jackie Arndt

 James Stewart

 Janet Ellington Horton

Janet Ray

 Jessie Hummel

 Laurie Rhiner

 Leona Walker

Linda Crone

 Lynette Boland

 Mary-Anne Harding

 Nadine Abou Khalil

Oana Banu

Rita Morgan

Sandra Kraut 

Sharlene McNeil


 Sherry Goeben

 Sherry Goeben

 Simona Guijberova

Sue Cabrero

 Susan Carson

 Thomas Siskron III

Vickie Wong


  1. Is there anything specific you can submit?

  2. You must use the photo reference provided to qualify. Rules are listed under the ABOUT tab!

  3. You used to be able to see all the entries as thumbnails before the contest was over. now there seem to be about 15 entries but here obviously there were many more. Has Flicker changed or you changed. Where do we see all the entries before the competition closes?

  4. NVM I now see I was not signed in to Flicker

  5. Lisa, That is actually a very good point. Unfortunately, Flickr privacy settings can prevent viewing all the entries unless you are logged on. It DOES seem to have gotten more strict but I am not sure why. - Sally