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September CPM Art Challenge - #1309 "Wet Leaves"

- # 1309 "Wet Leaves"

DEADLINE: October 10, 2013

Photo by Robin Bain - Copyright released!





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• Pro/Advanced:

18x24 400 Series Toned Gray Sketch Paper Pad
9x12 400 Series Toned Tan Sketch Paper Pad
5.5x8.5 Hardbound Art Journals - 400 Series Toned Sketch Tan
8.5x11 Hardbound Art Journals - 400 Series Toned Sketch Gray
8.5x11 Hardbound Art Journals - 400 Series Recycled Drawing
22x30 500 Series Mixed Media Board 
9x12 400 Series Dry Media 

• Student/Beginner:

18x24 400 Series Toned Gray Sketch Paper Pad
9x12 400 Series Toned Tan Sketch Paper Pad
9x12 400 Series Drawing
8.5x11 Hardbound Art Journal - 400 Series Recycled Drawing
9x12 Skills Series Mixed Media

All artwork is owned by the submitting artist and no copyright will be transferred to Colored Pencil Magazine or Platte Productions Publishing but by submitting, uploading, or sharing your artwork to our Flickr account, you are giving Colored Pencil Magazine and Platte Productions Publishing, permission to print and /or display your work in print and/or online. 

PRO/ADVANCED WINNER - Demharter Simone


Why it won: 


What a stunning piece. The colors are brilliant and the rendering skills that you used were fantastic. One of the favorite areas was actually the mud – a difficult challenge for most. It seems like there is always an unsuspecting element in each piece and to us, this was it and you nailed it. We also loved the right small green leaf and the way it captures the sunlight - really gives you the feeling of these critters coming out after the rain has subsided. Of course we also enamored be your creativity and found it appealing the way you naturally incorporated your additions into the piece with the overlapping leaves, without taking away too much from the reference photo. What a pleasure to view. Hope to see more!

BEGINNER/STUDENT WINNER -Marie-Christine Leblond


Why it won:

It’s impossible not to get excited when we first looked at this. Of course the first thing that stands out is how perfect that center frog is and you can imagine these little guys trying to find some dry land or are they taking advantage of the bugs that have been draw out by the humidity? Aside from the additions, the entire piece is a site to behold! The detail on the green leaf is amazing and we were impressed with your restrain to keep the underside of the green leaf light (as it would be in nature) but be so bold with the others. The mud is great and you really give it a sense of depth when you see the little yellow/orange leaf floating in the water at the bottom. Once critique would be on the profile frog – his body is a little weak in comparison to the rest of the image but we love him just the same. Thank you for posting, hope to see more!


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