Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October CPM Art Challenge - # 1310 "Candy Dish"

  OCTOBER ART CHALLENGE - # 1310 "Candy Dish"

DEADLINE: November 10, 2013

Photo by Sally Ford 
Copyright released!




Pro/Advanced Prize:
$125 Jerry's Artarama eGift Card
Student/Beginner Prize:

$75 Jerry's Artarama eGift Card
eGift cards are redeemable only online and are not transferable.

All artwork is owned by the submitting artist and no copyright will be transferred to Colored Pencil Magazine or Platte Productions Publishing but by submitting, uploading, or sharing your artwork to our Flickr account, you are giving Colored Pencil Magazine and Platte Productions Publishing, permission to print and /or display your work in print and/or online. 

PRO/ADVANCED WINNER - Zuzana Spendelova

Why it won:

We understand how tough of a challenge this was with the reflections, glass, and cellophane but you met each area of difficulty with excellent precision! The candy on the plate looks like you can just pick it up and lays properly on the rounded surface – another challenge, I’m sure. The main thing that stood out is just how sharp this image is, with crisp, detail that doesn’t allow one piece of candy to get lost in the group. Excellent work, you must be proud!

Why it won:

Such beautiful colors and soft touch to this piece of work makes this submission stand out. The vertical crop is great while still maintaining all the difficult aspects to the challenge – glass, cellophane, and reflections. There really doesn’t seem to be a weak point and I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as we enjoyed viewing it!


Amy Hodgkinson

 Barbara Woodthrope

 Claire Lin

 Janna Voss

 Jan Shilling

 Jennifer Coduto

 Kaoru Muramatsu

 Lisa Fernandez

 Pamela Belala

Stefan Peters

 Surabhi Singh

 Tess Lee


Abigail Jones

 Aftab Mohamed

 Agung Pamungkas

 Cheryl Buckman

 Dr. Jessie Hummel

 Fae Thomas

 Jacquai Oliver

 James Stewart

 Janet Ray

 Lauren Nichols

 Le-Anne Decker

 Le-Anne Decker

Lia Sierra

 Mario De Zutter

 Mary Jane

 Rita Morgan

 Theresa Harrison

Tonya Ohrel


  1. :( a challenge pic I would try, and i can't use the prize :(

    1. Is that because you're from the UK too? I know I felt the same, and this is the first monthly competition I really wanted to enter :'(

    2. Don't only enter for the prize... many artists enter drawings for the challenge when they aren't even eligible to win.

      I participate as often as I can because I like to be challenged to draw something other than portraits (my old stand-by) and because I like feeling a part of a community. I also get lots of great feedback when I enter.

      The prize is only ONE of the benefits to entering.

    3. Why can't you use the prize? I looked all over and I only found restriction for the free shipping offer. It looks like they still ship outside the U.S., just not for free.

    4. yes they ship outside of the states, but shipping and import duties would not be cheap

    5. Oh I see. Sorry for that. I would still participate were I in your place... I'm not 100% positive, but I believe the winning entries are featured in the following month's edition of CPM. To have a drawing of mine in the magazine would be the ultimate prize for me. The prize is just the cherry. :)

  2. does that apply to Australia as well?

  3. Jerry's Artarama DOES ship international!

    Shipping Information via their website:

    Outside the 48 Contiguous States

    All shipments to customers in APO's, HI, AK and PR do not qualify for standard service fees Shipping rates are determined during checkout based on package dimensions, weight and destination.

    International Service

    International shipping rates are determined during the checkout process based on package dimensions, weight and destination. In some instances a customer service representative may contact you after the order has been received by our system. Depending on your country you may incur additional fees such as brokerage fees, taxes and duties. Please check with your local government on the possible costs.

    1. but to ship to the UK, it can cost the same (or more), as the amount you spend on supplies for import duties. so its not worth most people living outside of the states to shop at a store that isnt in their country

    2. I'm sure there are ways to get value from these Gift Certificates if you think about it. ;)

    3. yeah i guess you could sell them :p but it says "are not transferable"
      its not so much the value, or any prize really, was just pointing out that not everyone can use the prize that is offered