Monday, September 28, 2015

October CPM Art Challenge Photo #1510 "Woodland Nymph"


"Woodland Nymph" #1510

DEADLINE: November 10, 2015

Photo by Sally Robertson - Copyright Released!
Advanced Prize:
$125 Jerry's Artarama eGift Card
Beginner Prize: 
$75 Jerry's Artarama eGift Card
15 and under Junior Prize: 
Jerry's Artarama eGift Card
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WHY IT WON: This was seriously one of the hardest Art Challenges to judge yet! So many amazing pieces that it was difficult to say one was better than the other, but there was no escaping the attention to detail you gave to each and every element, from the flowers and leaves to the hair. Those flowers that change from green to purple are breathtaking! It is interesting that you chose to keep the colors more muted, but it is all cohesive and it gives it a true fall feeling. Congratulations on your fist win!

BEGINNER WINNER - Dalida Vernier

WHY IT WON: I am fascinated by this piece and can’t stop looking at it. I love your creative touch with making her into another species. The eyelashes are fantastic with the reflection of the shine. We feel that you did a great job selecting which colors to push in value and which to pull back on to make the focus be on the face. I think the painterly background works for this, but it could use a little refining on the shoulder where it falls a little flat compared to the rest of the piece – something that you can easily work on. Just lovely.

JUNIOR WINNER - Grace Hopkins, age 14

WHY IT WON: It looks like you had a lot of fun with this and we love how you added the staff! Great job taking on so much detail, but would like to see you slow down and work a bit more on the background. Keep drawing!


Jenny Luan Frye

Paola Angelotti

Sandrine Curtiss

Victoria Electra


Kathleen Smith

Marie Sharnez Perera

Shell Claire


Alexandria Satterlund

Alix Fuerst

Barb Sotiropoulos

Brandy Fenenga

Carolyn Chua

Carrie Alderfer

Christine Heyworth

Cindi Norton Williams

Ewelina Kuczera

Jan Shilling

Janet Ray

Janna Voss

Jessica Beare

Karen M Berisford

Kathleen Cosgrove-Wilke

LaVonne Petridis

Lia Sierra

Lonny Clouser

Mitsuyoshi Yabe

Monique Morin Matson

Patricia Hanley

Pringle Poirot

Rachel Irby

Surabhi Singh

Theresa Harrison

Theresa Harrison

Ute Kistner

Veronica Winters

Yasmin Melean



Brooke Simpson

Cindy Hill


Deborah MacAusland


Foteinaki Aggeliki

Helen Carnes

Jeanett Flynn

Jeannie Massey

Jeannie Massey

Jessie Hummel

Kristie Withrow

Lori Gabbani

Magali Lapeyre-Mirande

Masataka Miura

Olga Smirnova

Rebecca Cook

Rosanne Nickels

Sandra Grimley

Sandra Heath

Shelley Goldsmith

Shelrie Houlton

Silvana Vargas


Athena Bencivenga, age 11

Lucia Halcinova, age 13

Matthew Bencivenga, age 10

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